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Our winter Leagues in the Bismarck – Mandan area start in the middle of September.  Teams consist of 4 or 5 players.  Leagues are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  The types of leagues are 8-Ball and 9-Ball.  Types of teams are Open, Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed.  Our out of town 8-Ball Leagues, start in early October, and consist of 4-person teams.  Center, Stanton, Hazen, Washburn, and Wilton play League Pool on Tuesday nights.  Beulah, Zap, and Golden Valley play League Pool on Wednesday nights.  Starting times vary from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  Fees are $4.00 or $5.00 per player, per night, in all 8-Ball leagues and $6.00 per player, per night, in our 9-Ball leagues.  Each player pays a $4.00 sanction fee which is paid back to the players in a singles tournament.  You must have 3 nights of play in to qualify for the singles tournaments held in February or March.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is our Holiday Singles Pool Tournament in Bismarck, and is open to all our League players.  There is a $10.00 entry fee for the Holiday Tournament.  The Team Sponsor’s Tournament is within your division, and in Bismarck – Mandan you must qualify to make it to the finals.  The finals consist of an A and B Division.  Each team pays an entry fee, plus the sponsor pays a $30.00 fee.  One hundred percent of all tournament fees are paid back in trophies and money.

In January is our NDTA (North Dakota Tournament Association) Singles Pool Tournament.  To qualify, you must have 5 nights of play on the same team.  Events are Open or Women’s singles.  Anyone who does not make the finals goes into a loser-out tournament.

Towards the end of February, is our NDTA Team Pool Tournament.  State Teams consist of 5 players and must have 5 nights of play on the same team.  If you play league on a four person team, you must have at least 3 players on your roster, and may pick up 2 players for state.  If you play league on a five person team, you must have at least 4 players on your roster, and may pick up 1 player for state.  Events are Open amd Women’s Divisions.

Our winter leagues usually break for a week or two over Christmas and New Years.  League finishes up anywhere from the middle of March into April.  After league play is done, the 1st half finishers and 2nd half finishers playoff for the season.  League ends with an Awards Banquet where all trophies and awards are given out.  Each team gets paid per win.  It is a lot of fun, and is one last time to see some players till next fall.

Summer League starts in the middle of May and goes thru the end of July.  Summer League is offered in the Bismarck – Mandan area, as well as the Beulah - Hazen area.  There is a $2.00 Summer Sanction, and the league only lasts 9 to 10 weeks long.  All the money goes for the picnic which is free with 3 nights of play.  We serve a meal, beverages, and have pool tables set on free play for your enjoyment.  Weather permitting, we try to hold the summer picnic outdoors.  So if you are looking to play, or have any questions, call us at 223-7588.