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Dakota Dart Leagues start the end of September or early October.  The Fall/Winter season runs thru March and early April. Dakota Dart League includes Bismarck – Mandan & Lincoln with play on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights at 7:30pm. Wilton – Washburn & Underwood are in the Bud North Division on Wednesday Nights at 7:30pm. Moffit – Sterling & Driscoll are in the Bud East Division on Thursday Nights at 7:30pm. Steele – Dawson – Tappen & Napoleon are in the Bud Light East Division on Wednesday Nights at 7:30. Center – Stanton – Hazen – Pick City – Beulah – Zap – Golden Valley & Dodge are in the Coal Country Division on Thursday Nights at 7:00pm. Each dart team consists of 4 players each night of play. Fees are $7.00 per player, per night, in a 301 league and play 12 games of 301 and 1 game of 501 with 2 players per score in 501. Split leagues play 9 games of 301 and 9 games of Cricket and pay $8.00 per player, per night. Coal Country High Division plays 10 games of 301 and 10 games of cricket and each player pays $9.00 each night of play. The Budweiser Division is a Doubles League and plays 8 games of 501 master out and 8 games of cricket and a tie breaker game each night. Each player pays $13.00 each night of play. The dart season in broken down into 2 halves. At the end of the season there are playoffs between the 1st half finishers and the 2nd half finishers. Then there is a banquet at the end of the season in each area of darts. Sanction Fees are $24.00 per team and are paid the first night of play. The Sanction Money goes towards the payouts in a singles or draw partner dart tournament within your area in January or February. Singles tournaments are broke down into divisions so you play against players your own caliber. Then in February there is a Sponsor’s Team Tournament with a $20.00 entry fee per team paid by the players and a $30.00 Sponsor fee paid by the bar you play out of. The full $50.00 per team is paid out in cash and trophies.

We offer a doubles dart tournament in early January. Sign up with your partner. Saturday is Open and Women’s Doubles and Sunday is Mixed Doubles. The number of divisions is based on the number of entries. $15.00 entry fee per person.

NDTA (North Dakota Tournament Association) holds 2 dart tournaments each year. January is Singles, Doubles & Triples with Singles starting on Thursday and finishes up Friday morning.  Mixed Doubles starting on Friday at 3pm. Open and Women’s Doubles starting Saturday at 9am. Mixed Triples and Pro/Am Doubles start Saturday evening. Then in March is State Team Tournament. Thursday at 8pm is Open Cricket Team and finishing up on Friday morning. Friday at 3pm is Open and Women’s 301 Team events and finish up on Saturday. Mixed Team events start Saturday afternoon and finish up on Sunday. Players all have to have 5 nights of play on one team to qualify for any State Tournaments.

Summer League starts Mid May and lasts 10 weeks long finishing up with a picnic usually the last Tuesday in July. The weekly fees are $7.00 for the 301 leagues and $8.00 for the Split leagues. Team sanctions are $12.00 per team in the summer. All the money goes towards the picnic at the end of league with the first place finishers getting trophies.

Any further questions call Dakota Music at 701-223-7588.


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